Come si misura il piede? Calza il numero giusto e goditi la scarpa perfetta!

How do you measure the foot? Wear the right size and enjoy the perfect shoe!

Shoes are part of everyday life; from trainers at the gym to pumps at a dinner party, we wear them for hours on end every day. If yours are consistently too tight, this can have a major impact on your happiness and overall well-being.

Often one is subject to changing the number of pairs of shoes purchased because one does not actually know the true length of one's foot. Did you know that nobody has both feet the same size? Your feet can change in size and shape throughout your adulthood as well.

An article in the Wall Street Journal by E. Holmes entitled "Feet are getting bigger and many people wear shoes that don't fit right" explains that the right shoe is not simply finding the size not too wide or not too tight but...

There is a real manual for measuring shoe size.


When is the right time to measure the foot and not get the wrong number? In the evening, when the foot passes from the stress of a whole day to the rest phase, it is the right time to take measurements and determine the right size. It is useful to measure the foot with the same type of socks with which you plan to wear them. Toe and heel must stay inside the shoe without causing pain or discomfort.


Each brand uses different standards. Often it will happen to you that the same number of two different brands fits you too tight or too loose!
For this reason, on our website, under the sizes of each product, you will find the official size chart of each brand.


Trace a mark on a sheet of paper at the heel and one in front of the longest toe. Now you have to measure the length between the two marks drawn on the sheet between the toe and the heel and add to the measurement:

from 3 to 6 mm if the longest toe is the big toe;
from 2 to 4 mm if the longest toe is the second toe;
from 3 to 6 mm if the longest toe is the third toe or if the first two toes after the big toe are of equal length.

Now you are able to measure your foot and choose the right shoe size and buy online without the risk of making the wrong size!
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